Broccolini is a leading single-source provider of construction, development and real-estate services, catering to the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets in Canada.

Each of their innovative projects is linked to a brand that elevates the projects’ identity and justifies a higher price point to attract a target demographic willing to invest in a premium experience. Through a dynamic blend of high-quality videos, captivating photos, and stunning drone footage, we have captured the unique character of each development to further enhance the project brand. From sleek urban structures to expansive commercial spaces, our multimedia content showcases Broccolini’s commitment to architectural excellence and sustainable design.

The videos offer a cinematic journey, providing an immersive experience into the intricacies and timeline of each project, while the photos capture the meticulous attention to detail that each space offers. The drone footage provides a bird’s-eye view, highlighting the scale and integration of these projects into their surroundings. Together, this multimedia compilation serves as a powerful tool to communicate Broccolini’s prowess and vision in the Canadian real estate industry.

Services Provided:

  • Drone Content
  • Photography
  • Promotional Videos